Blockchain Fourm

President's Greetings

Welcome to Korea Blockchain Forum.

Blockchain technology.
Depending on network and cryptographic applications and platform functions, the scope of use as cryptocurrency, public & security, industrial applications, transaction & payments, etc., is expanding to industry-wide and intellectual property, and the role of ICT is gradually emphasized.
The most attractive parts of the blockchain are distributed structure, security, and transparency, and a new ecosystem is expected to be formed beyond virtual currency with the technology needed in the digital world where almost all real life and commerce depend on the network.
Blockchain technology, which started with cryptocurrency implementation, is mainly used to provide financial transaction-related solutions, but it is expected to be used in various fields in the future in connection with R&D, legal system improvement, infrastructure construction, and manpower development ecosystem.
In order for the virtual asset market, which is expanding in the global market, to develop into a leading country in the global digital asset market, blockchain technology should be used in various fields such as economy, society, and culture by strengthening transparency and expertise.
We expect the Blockchain Forum to be a good start in implementing a Think Tank of these policies. We ask for your continued interest, participation, and use.

Thank you.