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What Do We Offer

Blockchain technology and ecosystem research and policy proposals

Collaboration between blockchain companies and startup companies.

Formation and operation of task force team for new business and service discovery.

Expert invitational discussion for the development and spread of blockchain standards.

Hold a meeting to develop and spread blockchain standards.

Conducting technical and methodological advisory meetings for blockchain research projects.

Depending on network and cryptographic applications and platform functions, the scope of use as cryptocurrency, public & security, industrial applications, transaction & payments, etc., is expanding to industry-wide and intellectual property, and the role of ICT is gradually emphasized.
The most attractive parts of the blockchain are distributed structure, security, and transparency, and a new ecosystem is expected to be formed beyond virtual currency with the technology needed in the digital world where almost all real life and commerce depend on the network.

Kim Kiheung.

Chairman , Blockchain Forum

Blockchain Technology and Finance Seminar

Through conferences and seminars involving domestic and foreign blockchain businesses for industrial innovation, industry-academic-research cooperation and international cooperation promotion and support, support cooperation between demand institutions such as technology, products, services, and business consulting using blockchain, and promote activities to improve awareness.

  • Seminar related to blockchain will be held.
  • It is implemented for workers related to the blockchain business and demand institutions.
  • Conduct and hold seminars on topics such as blockchain technology, direction of development, application cases, and legal knowledge.

Membership status

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Improving the regulatory system related to blockchain

It proposes research and policies on blockchain technology and ecosystems, aims to collaborate between domestic and foreign blockchain companies and startups, and contributes to revitalizing the blockchain industry through blockchain research tasks, standard development, and spread activities.