1) Block chain digital asset regulation policy agenda discovery and policy presentation

2) Mid- to long-term goals: Digital asset finance, blockchain application working group forum THINK TANK

3) Best Industry, Government, and Academic Block Chain Relations Expert Workshop Forum


Inducing industry/university/research cooperation and international cooperation promotion and support through conferences and seminars in which domestic and overseas block chain business circles participate for industrial innovation. Support cooperation between the two countries, and carry out public relations activities to revitalize the blockchain industry and improve awareness

business information

- Blockchain-related seminars
- Implemented for block chain business related workers and demanding institutions
-Holding seminars on the topics of blockchain technology, development direction, application cases, legal knowledge, etc. (alone or jointly)
- Implemented for member companies, domestic and overseas blockchain business related workers and demanding institutions
- Inviting domestic and foreign blockchain-related prominent figures to present themes and hold discussions

Blockchain technology information survey

Providing technical information trends

Investigate the actual situation and industry trends of the technology and industry-oriented, rapidly changing blockchain industry to share advanced information between the industry and member companies at any time

-Provide the status of domestic and foreign industries and industry trends of blockchain
-Provide information related to blockchain domestic and foreign policies and systems
- Provision of information on blockchain seminars and conferences, etc.
- Introduction of member blockchain business
- Creating a global industrial environment through international cooperation

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Improving the regulatory system related to blockchain

It proposes research and policies on blockchain technology and ecosystems, aims to collaborate between domestic and foreign blockchain companies and startups, and contributes to revitalizing the blockchain industry through blockchain research tasks, standard development, and spread activities.

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